If you were up early enough today, you would have seen a thick blanket of clouds blocking the sun as it rose above the mountain. It was still there when I got to the gondola, but some blue sky was starting to sneak in to view and the prospects for a sunny day were looking good. Now that the day is in full swing, it’s nothing but blue skies and perfect groomers up there.

Even though I was there too early to take in the sunshine, the visibility on the mountain was pretty good this morning. The cold temps we’ve had over the last few days have kept the slopes in great shape and made the grooming crews job even easier. Most every run I took today was well groomed and riding really fast. There weren’t too many people up there, so most of the Corduroy was left on Rudi’s when I made my first run from the gondola. The rollers on the left side of the run were bump free and the landings were perfect for floating off them at speed.

The conditions on the upper mountain were a bit colder, but still pretty nice compared to the negative temps we’ve been getting in the valley. In an effort to catch the first rays of sun, I traversed from Storm Peak over to High Noon and down to West Side. Not only did the sun peak out as I got over to that side of the mountain, but the runs were empty and the snow was perfect for carving. I don’t think you can go wrong in the Sundown area today, all of the groomers looked great and the view was spectacular.

The best part about having cold nights in Steamboat is the way it keeps the mountain riding well from top to bottom. The first turns I took down Buddy’s were about the same as the last turns I took on See Me. While there are a few icy spots at the top of Heavenly Daze and some of the roll overs down low, the snow was soft all the way down. Add a little Colorado sun to the mix and you have the recipe for a perfect day in the Rockies.

Dan Tullos, snowboarder

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