As much as I wish I could report from the mountain today, I’m happy to say that the healing progression of my shoulder is going great. This week I went to my follow-up appointment with the doctor and had my first physical therapy appointment. I’m ahead of the curve on range of motion, and the repair of my rotator cuff and shaving off of a massive bone spur went as well as it could have gone. I’m back to work as well!


Physical therapy consists of small exercises to passively work on range of motion, and to re-teach the surrounding muscles the correct posture of my shoulder. After shoulder reconstruction, your body naturally protects the injury by rotating forward and inward. You have to consciously work on making your muscles correct this poor posture.

My weekends now consist of walks down the bike path, and brushing my horse while he sheds his winter coat. Seems like a never-ending process! Today I will walk him down the road so we can both get some blood flow. 

There’s snow in the forecast tonight, which will be wonderfully received on the mountain. It’s melting fast up there, yet the season isn’t over yet! Any new snowfall will help us make it to the end.

Today’s Bud Light Rocks the Boat Concert Series features Con Brio, a funk and psychedelic-soul sound from the Bay area. I just may have to make my way to the base area this afternoon to witness what is sure to be a great show.

For those of you squeezing out the rest of the ski season, please be aware of adverse snow conditions. Don’t end your season on an injury note! That being said, make some nice arcs for me!

Smile on,

Brett Buckles, Alpine skier

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