What a picture-perfect day to be out on the hill! Yes, it’s a bit cold out there, but the sun feels amazing and the snow conditions are as good as they get! If you’re contemplating making your way up–just do it! You’ll be so happy you did.

Today I had the honor of breaking in our brand new GoPro Hero 5! It’s amazing how far these little cameras have come. Now they are so user friendly and take incredible-quality pictures! I was a little camera happy today, but why not! It was a great day to be shooting–with bluebird skis, snow-laden trees and velvet corduroy galore!

After searching out leftover powder yesterday, I opted on a fast cruiser day today. I knew everything groomed overnight would be velvety smooth and a blast to sink my carves into. This is just what I got! Here are a series of shots I snapped while taking a groomer tour of our beautiful resort this morning:

First Tracks skiers enjoying Tomahawk
Sundown Liftline
Buddy’s Run corduroy and a valley view
Skiers enjoying Rainbow

So much recent snow and cloudy skies have everyone extra thankful for our last two days of sunshine. Almost gives you spring fever! What a tease we know that is… But when I think of spring skiing I think of the Bud Light Rocks the Boat concert series. There’s already a buzz around town regarding the line up, and I’m always happy when there is reggae in the mix. Much to my happiness, the Wailers will play closing day this year! Always an inspiring performance and a top-notch way to close out what is already proving to be a season of memories!

Lots of SSWSC kids ripping around today. One of my favorite sights on the hill no doubt. Please remember to ski in control and be aware of those around you. Share a hug and a compliment today!

Brett Buckles, Alpine skier

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