If you look at the upper mountain, it’s hard to believe that the season’s almost over. The heavy snow that stormed into the valley over the weekend has left a thick and creamy layer of the white stuff plastered to everything from the gondola to the top. Since most of the advice I have for where to go on the mountain is for riding later in the day when things warm up, I went up yesterday afternoon instead of this morning. While things were a bit tracked up from the morning powder rush, I was able to find a lot of untouched lines and some great spring riding all over the mountain.

I didn’t really know what to expect up there yesterday. The totals at the Powder Cam were pretty impressive, so I was sure there would be some deep pockets where the wind blew a lot of snow. The only question was, where would they be? It was pretty warm out, so my first move was to find a good bump run to see how soft things were. So instead of going down Rudi’s Run, I traversed over to B.C. Lift Line for one of the more marquee runs in the area. The bumps still had a lot of creamy powder on them and were pretty well-formed. Even though it’s not a very long run, it is one of my favorites for bump riding because of how well formed the moguls are. Thanks to the skiers for that one, I guess.

It was late in the day and the lifts would be closing soon, so I went to the top as quickly as I could. Because the rain line was fairly high at the beginning of the storm, the most snow fell at the top of the mountain. So even today, there should be a lot of deep areas in upper Closet/Shadows and up at the gates. Since the season is almost over and most of the main runs were kind of tracked up, I decided to take a few runs that I almost never ride on from the top of Morningside. First, I took a hard right and dropped back into Morningside. Even though Alarm Clock is pretty short, it was well worth dropping back into Morningside Bowl. I took a slight left at the top and found some open lines on the face and a lot of fun little undulating glades on my way back to the lift.

After another ride up Morningside, I decided to drop into Christmas Tree Bowl instead of hiking up to No Names. While I think the conditions at the very top were probably great, I had an awesome run without having to take off my board and hike. The main gullies in Christmas Tree Bowl had some tracks but the snow is deep enough that it really didn’t matter. After a short traverse out from the base, I also found some great powder in the trees in between Flying Z and Buddy’s Run. It was getting late at this point, so I wasn’t able to get many more runs in, but the conditions were soft and not too sticky. That being said, it might be time to put that spring wax on your boards.

With a mix of snow and sun the rest of the season, it will be a great time to enjoy those views from the top of the mountain and the leftover powder from these big storms. Once the sun swings around the valley and really starts to heat up the mountain, I would recommend laps on Four Points for some slushy bumps and great spring riding. Don’t forget to come celebrate the end of the year at the Springalicious  festival this weekend. Thanks for another great year, and see you next winter!


Dan Tullos, snowboarder

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