Stepping out of the gondola bay this morning at the top of Thunderhead, my eyes took in the winter wonderland that is Steamboat Ski Area.  Pretty hard to believe that a couple of weeks ago you could mountain bike to this spot, and now it is nothing but a glorious playground covered in white.  I have seen the view from the top of the gondola thousands of times and even got married right there, yet the beautiful landscape of the Yampa Valley just never gets old.  Ahhhhh, Steamboat.


I have been doing the Straight Talk blog for close to 10 years now.  I have described everything from waist-deep powder to icy groomers using just about every adjective in the book. Some reports are fun to read with great pictures, and some reports run on a bit as I do my best to describe the conditions in a few paragraphs. I am going to change the format of my reports this year to a little less fluff and a more straight talkin’ report on what the mountain was really like on Thursdays. I want you to know the weather, how the snow was and the bottom line on how it is out there. The reports will be short, sweet and to the point. Thanks for following the Straight Talk report!



It is a beautiful morning on the mountain today with clear blue sky, a nice winter crisp to the air and no wind.  It was a bit chilly at the start of the day but quickly warmed up with the sun.  A perfect day to be out skiing!



Conditions were surprisingly good for a mostly man-made surface. The turns were great on the first few runs today as the snow was carvable, predictable and fast. I have said it in my reports over and over: Get to the mountain early for the best conditions of the day!  The snow was still skiing great at 10 a.m., but the man-made snow changes a bit through the day as skiers and riders make their turns on it.  The snow can often get icy or ball up, but the turns are still a ton of fun, and it is absolutely worth getting out there today.



What a perfect day on the mountain, taking in the sweeping views while making fast turns.  The weather is nice, and Heavenly Daze is open top to bottom and left to right.  The snow is riding great especially for early-season conditions, something you can lay an edge into.  Although it is only one run from the gondola down, it is one of our best runs on lower mountain and a killer way to get your legs ready for those powder days coming our way shortly.

Have a great day on the mountain!


Kevin Olsen, Alpine skier

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