As the days get longer and springtime sneaks into the valley, the weather on the mountain can get a little crazy. Yesterday morning started out stormy with fresh powder but finished with bluebird skies and temps in the 40s. While the rest of the week wont be as dramatic as yesterday, we will be alternating between fresh snow and sunny skies. Today will be more of the latter with sunny skies and warm temps all day.

The sun still hadn’t touched most of the mtn when I went up today, but you could tell it is going to be beautiful up there. The views towards the Flattops and Sleeping Giant were amazing as the rising sun drenched them in morning light. Since it got so warm yesterday the groomed runs were still a bit firm this morning after going through a bit of a melt and freeze cycle. Since the Sunshine area gets the first light on the front of the mountain, I took several runs over there before heading to Sundown and the lower mountain. The groomed runs like Sunshine lift line were in good shape today with great coverage and some fun little rollers to jump over.

The upper mountain is actually a bit warmer than the base right now, so if you are going up soon you should head to the top. Since it will be above freezing on the mountain, the best snow will depend on what direction each run faces. Start your day today on South facing runs like those in Sunshine and Sundown. Then as the day starts to heat up, you can work your way over to the north facing runs like Buddy’s and Cyclone. By the afternoon, the ungroomed runs should start to soften up and you will be able to find some some spring bump conditions underneath 4 Points.

After the sun today, we will start to see some clouds and storminess tomorrow morning. It’s hard to say how much snow we will get, but it looks like the afternoon might be pretty soft tomorrow.