Today’s skiing was extremely enjoyable. The groomers were tight and packed to the degree that linking symmetrical turns was a thrill. But while I was scoping the terrain, I couldn’t help but keep my eye on the sky. There’s what appears to be another thunderous winter storm rolling in, and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Rolex, one of my favorite steep runs, was groomed overnight and couldn’t be more perfect for zipping side to side. My brain blurred as my skis were practically pulling me like two stallions racing to the stable. One of the pleasures I enjoy about being a Straight Talk snow reporter is early access to this and other runs, which makes the experience most enjoyable. If you ever have the opportunity to purchase a First Tracks access pass, do it. It’s well worth the price to have some of the best early morning runs under your belt before the area opens to the general public.
2016-1-24 (11)-WEB

After cruising the corduroy on Rolex, I went back and ducked into the trees on skier’s right of the run. Facing generally west and north and protected by trees, the snow was still quite fluffy in this area. The snow was soft and forgiving, but my turns had to be kept tight. The aspens are closer together over there, so turn control becomes the name of the game to elevate the enjoyment. Generally speaking, you’ll find a lot of lush powder stashes in the trees off most of our groomed terrain today.

GoPro Hero3
GoPro Hero3

As I began to consider heading into the lodge, I could see small flakes of snow beginning to fall from above. I was reminded of the looming storm predicted to hit today and tonight. Not to overlook the joy I was having in the moment, I couldn’t help but find my brain fast-forwarding to another powder day on the horizon. Skiing and riding today is well worth your time, and the goods are good. But as I see another round of fresh beginning to dump, my spine tingles with anticipation.

2016-1-24 (16)-WEB

So get your carved groomed turns in check today. Tomorrow is shaping up to be a day for fat powder skis and more of that Champagne Powder snow we’ve gotten so spoiled to receive this winter.

Dave Wittlinger, Alpine skier

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