According to the weather report, more snow is expected to fall later today. And from the look of the skies surrounding Steamboat this morning, I don’t doubt it one bit. Things are clouding up overhead and it appears Mother Nature wants to dump white flakes on us in true Steamboat fashion once again.

An incredible run I encourage you to explore today would be Cyclone. Groomed overnight with a superb corduroy finish, it seems like many are bypassing this trail for the likes of Tornado or Buddy’s Run. For whatever reason, when I found myself zipping down this silky-smooth black diamond today, I was for the most part alone.

In all honesty, with the low cloud cover we’re experiencing today, the light is a bit flat up there. I highly recommend swapping out your goggle lenses with something designed for low light conditions. If you find yourself having a hard time seeing the subtle undulations below your feet at any point, a word of advice would be to ski nearer to the trees. Reflected light from the aspens helps brighten things up a bit while the trees themselves provide some much needed definition and clarity to the lines in front of you.

Drop Out was another sweetly smoothed run this morning, with plenty of space to roam. For those seeking moguls, skier’s right of this trail is left ungroomed while the middle is perfect for wide, sweeping carved turns. So this becomes a perfect choice for groups of skiers and riders of different abilities.

Keep your fingers crossed for fresh powder as the day wears on. I don’t often trust the weather channel in these parts but I’ve been here long enough to know when it looks like a storm is coming. And today appears to be one of those days.

Dave Wittlinger, Alpine skier

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