Good morning Steamboat Springs! The classic groomers are pristine today with an inch of fresh powder, sunny skies, and comfortable temps.

As I stood at the top of High Noon and looked across the Yampa Valley, I could not help but think “I LOVE STEAMBOAT!” We live in an era of 24-hour connectivity, high-speed everything, and digital distractions galore. Steamboat has managed to stay true to its laid-back, Western roots and family-friendly atmosphere. I thought about the fact that in this era of ski resort megametropolises and conglomerates, Steamboat Resort is different. The people are real and friendly. Cowboy hats and jeans can be worn into the finest of restaurants. Teenagers will put down their cell phones for some real family time. Families will bond on those laps across High Noon, One O’Clock, and Buddy’s Run. Daily frustrations melt away in Steamboat Springs because the locals will stop and take a photo of your group and the lifties will go out of their way to make sure you get to the run you want to ski.  The snow is consistently great alternating from fluffy Champagne Powder® days to sunny and soft groomer days like today. Look around and notice people genuinely smiling and saying hello to each other. I’ve skied around the West and have not found a place that has the quality of snow, the amenities of a world-class resort, and a town with this amount of genuine friendliness. Steamboat, I like it here.

A Steamboat Ambassador skis High Noon

I smiled as I made my way down High Noon and kept up my speed for the traverse over to another Steamboat classic, Rolex. My skis were on fire as I flew down the freshly-pressed classic Steamboat run. My favorite thing about Rolex is that it gets steeper as you get down the run. This is where I really open it up and dig in those edges. Speed control and skiing (not slipping) through my turns are what I worked on as I sped to the bottom.

Snowboarder rail slides

At the bottom of Rolex, it was like my skis were smoking. Fully energized, Upper/Lower Valley View, another Steamboat classic, was calling my name.  Steamboat Resort fans have been taking in the views of the Yampa Valley from Upper Valley View for decades. This scene never gets old. Each turn over the grippy corduroy was blissful. The wind on my cheeks kept me cool as my legs warmed with each turn. As I skipped over to Lower Valley View, I could smell wood smoke rising from the valley floor. The smell was warming and comforting.  I imagine all the skiers over time enjoying these views, sounds and smells. Don’t take my word for it. Check out this little gem. While equipment and technology have changed, Steamboat Resort has stayed true to its roots.

I like it here.

Meghan Lutterman, Alpine skier

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