Weather moves fast in the springtime. When I woke up the skies were clear and I put sun lenses in my goggles. By the time I left my house there were high clouds over the mountain and I put in my mixed light lenses. By the time I left the mountain I was cursing myself for not bringing my storm lenses. So even though there wasn’t any new snow this morning, today could turn out to be a pretty soft day up on Mt Werner.

The conditions this morning were about what you would expect early in the day after a warm couple of days. The groomers were smooth but a little crusty from the melt/freeze cycle. Coming down High Noon, the upper portion was nice and soft, but about half way down you could tell where the temperature has been high enough to melt the snow. It is right around freezing though so as the day goes on, the whole mountain should soften up. I say this a lot on Tuesdays but there is almost no one on the mountain so the groomers should stay good all day.

Leftovers in the trees

I didn’t venture very far from the groomed runs this morning, but I did take a quick lap through the trees to the left of Lower High Noon. I heard that they were riding pretty well yesterday so I decided to take a look and was pleasantly surprised. The north facing slope in the woods holds snow really well and still has a lot of untracked lines through yesterdays snowfall. You can access it by taking the traverse towards Rolex then dropping into the trees on your right whenever you see a line that looks good.

Because the mid mountain conditions were a little firm, I assumed that the lower mountain was going to need a while to warm up. Which is why I was so surprised at how nice the conditions were on Heavenly Daze. The corduroy was nice and soft with only a little bit of chattery bumps. The valley stayed pretty warm last night, so I dont think it ever completely re-froze.

Surprise powder yesterday

The forecast for this week is full of storms that may or may not drop a lot of snow on Steamboat. With uncertain forecasts like this I usually rely on the mountain cams to keep tabs on whats happening up there. But when in doubt, just head up to the mountain and see for yourself. Even though there were only a few inches on the powder cam yesterday, there was more like 6 inches in the trees. So keep your fingers crossed and your boards waxed.