We have officially rolled over into spring here in the Rockies, but you would never know it from the conditions on the mountain. I enjoy having a  beer in the sun on the Bear River deck as much as the next guy, but winter is back with a vengeance, and I couldn’t be happier. After the 10″ that fell on Tuesday night, we were treated to a whole day of snow and another 4 inches last night. That all adds up to around 18″ for this storm and deep conditions on the hill.

Deep Snow in Closet
Deep snow in Closet

Mother Nature dropped a lot of white stuff all over the mountain during the last few days, but that doesn’t mean all runs are created equal. The windy conditions moved a lot of snow around up top, so it actually gets deeper as you come down into the basins. We started out our day in Twilight trees and found a lot of great untracked lines through the aspens. The snow that fell yesterday and last night is just enough to cover the bumps and let you really charge it through the trees. Even though the top part of Twilight was awesome, the lower section was even better: The snow got deeper, and the lines got less tracked.

Rippin’ through the trees

Once the rope dropped over to the Storm Peak side of the mountain, we headed into Closet and were treated to even better snow than on Sundown. The Spruce trees in Closet tend to catch more snow as it blows across the mountain, and it’s usually deeper than Shadows. Even though the top section was great, it’s hard not to rave about the snow below Duster in lower Closet. It was nice and light but still firm enough to stay on top. After 4 or 5 face shots in a row, I eventually had to stop to see where the next tree was.

Miles o’ smiles out there today

When we look back at this week’s storms and ahead to the system that is supposed to move in on Friday, today may not seem like much. But like most powder days in Steamboat, the conditions are better than they sound if you know where to look. So get out there and find your stash before someone else does.


Dan Tullos, snowboarder

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