Our valley is experiencing the weather of many seasons in one day.  And that means multi-sport days.

Bike ride? Heck ya!  The bike path and most of its park are in beautiful shape, full of folks out walking, riding, skateboarding, picnicking and river gazing.  Road riders are out in force getting their legs going for biking season.

River adventures?  Great time for kayakers and paddlers.  Apparently hanging your hammock between Aspens along the banks of the Yampa is the thing. I counted 5 hammocks yesterday in a ten-block zone.

Golf anyone?  The course is open in Craig.

Skiing is still holding sway for most people visiting and living in the valley, but the window of great conditions is getting smaller.  So why not create your own homemade triathlon?  With so many activities from which to choose, it’s not hard to come up with a creative day.

My own morning tri included toddler wrestling.  You have to chase a toddler around in circles, catch him, pin him to the floor, hold onto all appendages with one hand, get PJs off and a clean diaper and school clothes on with the other hand.  Set a timer, the faster you are, the more points you get.

My second event was groomer cruising.  I will admit I was pleasantly surprised by the skiing.  The grooming crew is doing all they can to keep our rapidly melting mountain in good shape, and the skiing is still really fun.  You need to follow the sun: Morningside was soft and carvy this morning, and everything that has even a touch of sun on it is softening up quickly.  I skied a good tour of the hill, taking in all the vistas that I won’t see for a while after the ski hill closes: the Flattops from the top of Flintlock, the south valley from Broadway benches, Hahn’s Peak from the top of Vagabond.  It’s warm and fast and fun, and it will just get better as the day goes on.  If temps creep up into the 50s again this afternoon, the slushy bumps will be really fun.  So make sure skiing is on your list.

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Third on my own personal list will be puddle leaping at Rita Valentine dog park with the bonus of dirty dog wrestling, similar to toddler wrestling.  Points are redeemable by not having to vacuum every single day.

With all the spring events being offered on the mountain, your options for triathlons are endless.  There are free concerts the next two weekends. The Motet is one of my favorite Colorado bands and is playing Saturday at 3:30 p.m.  The Cardboard Classic is next weekend and is an event not to be missed.  With this year’s spring fever, I’m guessing this will be one for the books.  For those of you who think of actual fitness when you think of triathlons, check out Cody’s Challenge, super fun race for a really great cause.

And make sure you take on a happy hour or two. Sunset Happy Hour has two more weeks at the top of the gondola, and all the bars at the base area are great for people watching, sun bathing and relaxing.  You could even claim Carrying Three or Four Beers as one of your tri events.

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12 more days of ski season to go, counting today.  Make ’em count!


Happy spring and happy Wednesday,

Ali Givnish, Alpine skier

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