There’s a natural purity to waking up in the darkness knowing there will soon be light. Though losing an hour of sleep last night made getting out of bed a bit more difficult, strapping on skis to hit the slopes while half the mountain sleeps was a sheer delight. That was my experience today and it was almost surreal how quiet things seemed.

Runs like Sunshine Lift Line, Buckshot and Ramrod were as empty as a coke can on a hot day. And skiing this area of the mountain first thing was none less delicious. The snow was chilled on the surface and my sharpened edges dug in to grip my turns. Meanwhile, the fresh wax I applied earlier this week wanted to sizzle the glaze, free and effortless below my boots.

As I found myself on the southwest side of the resort, I elected to cruise down Broadway to pay homage to one of my favorite elevated rest steps. Along this trail you’ll find a conveniently located set of picnic tables with one of the best views of the Flat Tops you’ll ever find. If you happen to be on this part of the mountain today, give it a glance. You’ll thank me later, I’m sure of that.

There appears to be the resemblance of a storm rolling in today. Up top, the breeze kicked up a bit and scattered flakes were floating through the air. So as I made my down the hill, I took respite along the ridge of Rudi’s Run. Taking a moment to observe the wide open trail ahead of me put me completely at ease. Though the sky above shown a subtle shade of gray and the silence was deafening, today is a wonderful day to be exploring the mountain.

Appreciate nature however you choose, but be sure to give it your full attention. The outdoor life is glorious when you stop to breathe it all in.

If you haven’t reset your clocks for daylight savings time, let this serve as your reminder. Enjoy the longer day today but make sure that part of it is spent gliding and riding Mt. Werner.

Happy Trails,

Dave Wittlinger, Alpine skier

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