Good morning from the start of a nice week of spring skiing in the Boat! The recent mild temperatures have really brought Steamboat into true spring skiing conditions. What that means for skiers and riders out there is to get the most out of the snow,  it will be important to time run choices with the position of the sun during the day.  While the early morning turns might be a bit firm, the warm rays of spring sun change that in no time and offer amazing spring skiing on the entire mountain.


Runs that face east and south will be your best bet early in the day, while west and north runs will take a little more time to come into shape as things warm up out there.  We started our day checking out runs off Sunshine lift like Tomahawk and Quickdraw, which were fun and fast but still needed some time under the sun to soften up.  The runs in that area should be good to go around 9:30 or so for the rest of the day for everyone to enjoy.  We also gave West Side a try. It was fast but could also use some sun before going back for another loop.  Sometimes the runs that don’t get much sun during the day can stay good all the time, but it is getting late enough in the year that most runs other than true north-facing terrain will be affected in some way by the melt/freeze cycle that we expect at this time each season.  Some runs will require more waiting than others for those soft spring turns today, but it will most certainly happen!


Although not under the direct early morning sun, we changed our focus to lower mountain runs hoping that the temperature alone was enough to hold softer snow.  While the snow near the top of the gondola was still firm, we did find some good turns below Christie to enjoy as that snow was carvable and fun with lower overnight temps.  I am confident the entire mountain will come into fine shape shortly as it promises to be a beautiful Colorado day out there with very comfortable weather to enjoy.


It is going to be a perfect day of spring slush skiing in no time, so grab your sunscreen and your shades and head out for a day of fun.  It will also be a perfect day to enjoy a delicious drink on the deck of the Four Points Lodge while you take in the beauty of the Yampa Valley.  With only a few weeks left in the ski season, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy some high mountain relaxation!

Pick of the mountain today is Vogue: carvable snow early in the day made this a fun choice for morning runs.

See you on the mountain!

Kevin Olsen, Alpine skier

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