With spring in full swing, yet winter still gracing us with fresh powder, seasons are once again colliding in Steamboat Springs. Over the weekend we saw sunny skies and temperatures in the 60’s, while Tuesday night we saw snow and temperatures dip down into the teens, freshening up Steamboat Resort with seven inches of new snow at the summit and six inches at mid-mountain…that’s right, it’s March 30th and it’s a powder day in the ‘boat!

Seven inches of fresh powder fell at the summit Tuesday night, making for some really soft turns Wednesday morning!

Once again I’m supposed to be blogging all about Springalicious, but I can’t help mention the fantastic conditions at the summit Wednesday morning. I underestimated the snow that was falling last night at the summit. With the rain/snow mix that fell on the valley floor all day yesterday, I assumed it would be a heavier and wetter snow than we typically see here in Steamboat. However, I was completely wrong. The seven inches of snow at the summit were much lighter and fluffier than I expected, and it was fantastic! I can’t exactly refer to it as champagne powder®, but I will say that is was not heavy at all higher up on the mountain, and really softened things up quite a bit.

The trees were fun and fresh Wednesday morning (but not bottomless).
A powder day surprise filled me with gratitude Wednesday morning in Steamboat!

With the uncharacteristically warm temperatures we saw over the weekend, this snowfall was exactly what Steamboat Resort needed to push through the next 11 days of ski season. The summit is currently holding a 91″ inch base, so the best skiing will be found above mid-mountain. As you start to lower in elevation, the snowpack does become more thin and you need to be cautious this time of year as there can be dirt patches, rocks and even tree tips that start to become exposed. Ski Patrol works hard to put signs and stakes up in those locations, so make sure to heed their warnings and ski and ride with care.

Be on the lookout for signs like these that Ski Patrol has in place and make sure to heed their warnings.

Now, onto the Springalicious part of my blog. As the temperatures get warmer and the skies stay sunnier for longer in the day, April is all about having fun at Steamboat Resort. Starting this Friday, April 1st, there will be “Swag Stashes” on the mountain in various locations and at various times. Make sure to check out Steamboat Resort’s Facebook and Instagram stories (@SteamboatResort) for daily clues, and the first person to the “Swag Stash” claims the prize!

One O’Clock offered smooth powder turns with fleeting valley views as the clouds moved in and out.

Before the ski season officially ends on Sunday, April 10, there will be three more free concerts in Gondola Square (all at 3:30 PM), which is always a great way to celebrate spring skiing with your friends and family. This Saturday Big Sam’s Funky Nation brings energetic funk and rock music to the stage, next Saturday Magic Giant will play some of their top 40 hits for us in Steamboat, and on Closing Day (Sunday, April 10) Dumpstaphunk takes the stage to end the season with some funk music that will have us all dancing in our ski boots!

Make sure to let the Elkhead lift operators know how awesome their snowman is – not an easy feat!

Besides concerts both afternoons, Closing Weekend (April 9-10) will also offer some wildly hilarious events near the base area that are sure to entertain all ages! On Saturday, April 9th, the 40th Annual Cardboard Classic features homemade cardboard crafts racing down Stampede to a hysterical finish. And on Sunday, April 10th, the Splash Down Pond Skim wraps up another awesome ski season with brave and crazy skiers and riders attempting to cross the icy pond near the base. Most pond skimmers are in costume and quite entertaining, so make sure to come out and watch to see if they successfully make it across; some do and some definitely do not!

Lower Rainbow with a view of Sleeping Giant in the distance.

With plenty of springtime fun on the books for April and some new snow to freshen things up a bit, Steamboat Resort is looking good for Springalicious! It a time to have fun, ski and ride with friends and enjoy the warm sun and softer, slushier slopes, but it’s also a time to ski and ride with care, always keeping yourself (and your skis/boards) in control.

Fresh snow and a summit base of 91 inches puts Steamboat in great shape for Springalicious starting this Friday, April 1st!

Happy Wednesday and happy Springalicious!

Erin Campbell, Alpine Skier & Snowboarder

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