Every ski season can pretty much be divided up into three sections. Early season is full of promise and the excitement of new terrain opening. Peak season is cold and stormy but is usually full of big dumps and powder days. When spring rolls around the days get longer, the temps get warmer and you can start to work on your tan. Even though we’re still 5 days away from the time change, the sunny skies this morning feel a bit like spring. Don’t let the milder weather fool you though, the conditions on the mountain are still riding like mid winter.

After a few warmer days over the weekend, I was expecting the runs to be a bit crusty this morning. When the upper layer of snow warms up and starts to melt, it can be tough to groom into a smooth surface. Fortunately for us, the 2″ of snow that fell yesterday were just enough to bond to that upper layer and create a good surface for the groomers to work with. The corduroy was a little firm this morning, but supple enough to carve through.

There was a cloud hanging over the mountain in the early hours of the day so the light while I was riding was pretty flat. But when the sun started to peek through the clouds and I could see the contours of the snow, the runs got much better. High Noon and the O’clocks were all riding really well this morning with smooth turns to be had from edge to edge. Storm Peak Face was as good as it gets today too. The run was smooth and completely ice free all the way down to the split between Sunset and Dusk. There is an ungroomed section at the split though, so make sure you keep an eye out for some surprise bumps.

It looks like the weather will be sunny most of the week with only a few clouds lingering around in the mornings. With all the snow we’ve had you can count on good conditions all over the mountain. If you want to find some powder in the trees, today and tomorrow will be best since it will still be pretty cold in there. By later in the week, some of the open runs will have warmed up during the days and we could have some nice spring slush bumps on the lower mountain to look forward to. Either way, enjoy the sunshine while you can, ’cause another storm is always on the horizon.