Snowflakes that fall in the spring and the winter, these are a few of my favorite things! It may officially be spring, but it sure does feel a lot like winter on this lovely, snowy Wednesday in Steamboat.

Yesterday was one of those unbelievably gorgeous bluebird days that make you fall so madly in love with Colorado, Steamboat in particular. I celebrated such a beautiful spring day with my littlest sidekick and my skinny skis at Haymaker Nordic Center.

I have to admit, the deep blue skies, perfect temperature and brilliant sunshine spoiled me, so much so that when I saw the clouds and snow this morning, I pulled the covers back over my head.

Once I got out of bed and put my contacts in so that I could actually see the clouds and snow in more detail, I noticed these beautifully large, soft and gentle snowflakes falling from the sky. I also noticed that it was a calm snow, without much wind at all. As it turns out, all I needed to boost my excitement was a soft, gentle spring snowfall!

On the mountain, several new inches of snow sitting atop freshly groomed runs was waiting to greet me this Wednesday morning. Back on my snowboard, I enjoyed some really nice, soft and gentle turns all over the mountain. By sticking to the sides of runs like Rudi’s, Buddy’s, Cyclone, Longhorn and Vagabond, I found about three inches of fresh snow, completely untouched and just waiting for my snowboard.

Based on Joel Gratz’s forecast, Steamboat should expect to receive around four to six inches out of this spring snowstorm. While that amount isn’t necessarily enough to soften up the trees, it is enough to allow for some powder turns on groomed runs (possibly Thursday morning) and to create some soft, fluffy corduroy Friday, when the skies clear and springtime resumes in Steamboat.

Visibility was quite tough at the summit this morning, but you really can’t complain because look at these snowflakes!

Despite the heavy clouds and summit fog, the winds were minimal this morning, making for a very peaceful and serene morning on the mountain.

Something I always enjoy, especially when it’s snowing, is stopping to watch the birds at the top of Storm Peak. Next to the top of Bar U.E., you’ll find a feeder where you can quietly observe a variety of birds native to this area.

This morning, I watched several black-capped chickadees along with a male and female pine grosbeak.  Check out the informational sign posted on the Bar U.E. building to learn more about these awesome birds.

Something else I always enjoy is being the lucky one who gets to ride in the Smartwool gondola cabin.  This morning, lucky number 116 came around just in time for me to hop on. Dazzled with fancy wool-like seat bedding, a tongue and groove ceiling and window hats just waiting for selfies to be taken, it’s a fun way to start your day on the mountain.

And even better, if you snap a selfie or group photo in front of a window (hats on of course), you can post it to Instagram using #SmartwoolSelfie and tag @Smartwool for a chance to win two pairs of PhD Ski or Slopestyle socks.

#SmartwoolSelfie @Smartwool

Happy Wednesday!

Erin Campbell, snowboarder

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