Spring Conditions are sticking around this week and the forecast is full of sunshine and music. If the cloud cover lifts today, you’ll be skiing in full spring glory by afternoon.

It started out a little chilly this morning, so if Spring Forward has you off to a slow start, you may want to have a leisurely breakfast while the slopes soften. It was chilly enough for the snow to freeze overnight, so the slopes are starting out firm, and the best turns are to be found on the groomers. The skiing will get better and better as it warms up.

I started out with a run down Rudi’s to Four Points as mid and lower mountain temperatures are the warmest this morning. The softest turns of the morning were on Upper and Lower Rainbow and Ted’s Ridge. The snow was the perfect consistency to sink an edge into.

I would ski the runs off of Four Points and lower mountain to start, as the winds are blowing on the upper mountain runs and temperatures are staying in the teens. It’s warmer and calmer the lower you are.

With the forecast calling for abundant sunshine and warm temperatures this week, it will be great for spring slushing and groovin’ to some live music at the base.

Four Points Lodge

Check out Four Points Lodge if you’re in need of a ski break. They are rumored to have the best Bloody Marys in town. Theirs is complete with servings of both meat and veggies: olives, beans, a little cheese and, naturally a big slice of bacon.

Jacob serves up delicious Bloody Marys at the Four Points bar

I opted for another of their specialties, Storm Peak Cider, minus the bourbon. Too early!! It’s a mix of house made mulled cider, house made whipped cream, and bourbon infused with maple. A little bit of cinnamon on top made it extra delicious. They have all sorts of gourmet drinks, including Pete’s Warmer, Jacob the bartender’s favorite. This one mixes a little Frangelico, Jack Daniels, house made hot chocolate, whipped cream, and you guessed it, bacon.

If you’re hungry, the ski patrollers and Four Points staff favor their delicious breakfast burritos, with the breakfast croissants a close second. For lunch, the caeser salad with house-made dressing gets high marks, too.

Spring and sunshine always get people out and about a little more. It’s a great time for social skiing or an outside happy hour, since you aren’t racing around for freshies.

Steamboat kids rock the Library Hall

Last night, the Steamboat community packed Bud Werner’s Library Hall in the culmination concert for the Steamboat student musicians’ immersion weekend. Friday had the middle school band students rockin’ along with the Soul Message Band at the Strings Music Pavillion, and after a weekend of rehearsals with Conductor Ernest Richardson, the Steamboat orchestral musicians put on a great show last night.

Enjoy springtime while it’s here. The end of the season may bring more of the fluffy and white!

Happy Skiing!

Jessica Berg, Alpine skier

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