The light will be extremely flat until the sun pops through the clouds. Tough morning for photography but it will get more photogenic as the day goes on. Very warm morning will end up reaching 40 degrees by the afternoon, so dress appropriately. I had the most fun on Tomahawk Face this morning. The snow seemed to ride the best in that area. Groomed runs were riding good but everything else had a layer of ice due to warm/cold of the last 24 hours. It will be even better once the snow warms up.

I love spring skiing/riding and if you’re like me, today and tomorrow will be loads of fun. The rest of the week has snow in the forecast so get that Vitamin D while you can!

  1. Tomahawk Face
  2. Tomahawk Face
  3. Tomahawk Face
  4. Tomahawk
  5. The view from the top of Elkhead Express
  6. Sundial
  7. Rolex