Steamboat’s terrain parks are where it’s at this spring! Take advantage of these sunny days, build up your mental game, and hit the jibs and jumps today. Or better yet, practice for the Spring Rail Jam on Saturday!

The Steamboat Park Crew has worked hard to build parks packed with features for you to style it out. The parks are designed with progression in mind to allow skiers and riders to build up their bags of tricks and safely learn to huck and jib.

Lil’ Rodeo is for first timers and those looking for beginner park terrain for trying new tricks. This park has low-to-the-ground boxes and rails for learning balance and gaining confidence. It’s at the base of the mountain, so you can show off your style to your folks sitting on the Bear River deck. My favorite feature in this park is the mini-halfpipe. It sits in the sun at an angle, so the right wall was melted out this morning, but the left wall was still firm. I prefer a bit softer wall, so the right wall was perfect for popping out and practicing my transitions. If you are liking the pace of Lil’ Rodeo, check out Sunbeam Terrain Park for more progression on rollers and berms.


Hands down, my favorite park is Rabbit Ears Terrain Park. This season, it’s chock full of medium to large jump lines, hips, rails and butter boxes for you to build that trick repertoire. The park sits in the shade all morning, but is perfectly buttery by noon.  The rails and boxes at the end of Rabbit Ears are a funky mix of straight, curved and kinked features for you to get your jib on. I love the chill vibe of Rabbit Ears. I usually spend some time sitting at the top and watching kids of all ages dial in their tricks.


Like feeling dizzy? Check out Mavericks Superpipe, for wall to wall fun.  Get your surf on in the pipe even though you are over 1,000 miles away from the ocean. Mavericks is 450 feet long, 56-feet wide and has 18-foot walls and a 22-foot transition. It’s a rush!

The parks are in perfect shape for you to explore. Always practice smart style and call your drop in. Respect gets respect. There’s plenty of snow left to shred, but time is running out on the season.

One thing I’d like to see in the Steamboat Terrain Park system is some speakers pumping out the jams to stoke riders and skiers. What would you like to see?



Meghan Lutterman, Alpine skier

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