Alright, sun lovers…Wednesday will bring the official start of Spring. Longer days and warmer temps make for some added enjoyment on the slopes. As many of us know, living in the mountains can bring a mixed bag of conditions. Here are a few tips to help you keep the smiles bright while enjoying spring skiing.

Be Prepared for Everything:
It may come as a surprise but March and April can be some of the snowiest months, which means you may have some epic powder skiing. If the snow isn’t flying, you will be sure to have some corduroy in the morning and some softer snow come afternoon. The best plan is to be prepared for all conditions and changing temperatures. It truly can fluctuate day to day.

Freeze, Thaw:
As the sunshine warms the soul, the warmer temps cause the snow to melt. Come evening, the temperatures drop and the snow freezes. This creates quite drastic changing conditions. As you venture out, keep in mind the snow may be firm. Trails that have greater afternoon sun exposure will be much firmer in the mornings than the more protected north facing trails. Generally, as the day progresses the snow will loosen and yield softer conditions.

Off Trail:
If you opt to venture off the groomers, the snow may be firmer throughout the day. Often the snow will take longer to soften in the trees as it is somewhat shielded from the sun. Additionally, there may be new obstacles day to day so take heed.

Whatever your preference, spring skiing in Steamboat is sure to have something for everyone.
Enjoy the slopes and the beautiful place we call home.