Spring time in the Rockies is can mean a lot of things. Yesterday it meant 60 degree temps in town and bluebird skies. Today it means heavy snow at the top of the mountain and a fresh coating of powder. The storm started early this morning and came in quickly dropping around 5″ of heavy snow at the top of the mountain. The temps on the mountain are around freezing, but the storm hasn’t let up so the conditions should be great all day.

The sunshine and warm weather over the weekend was great, but it did do a number on some of our runs down low. The snow melting during the day and then freezing again at night means the base is going to be a bit crusty in the morning. The snow that fell last night was very dense and bonded well to the runs, so you shouldn’t hit too much crust unless you are on the steeps. The runs that were groomed last night before the snow are by far the most fun today. I had a blast this morning taking taking surfy turns down High Noon and West Side on the untouched snow. The ungroomed runs like 1 & 2 O’clock were soft, but you could feel the crust layer below if you turned too hard.

Depending on what part of the mountain you’re on, the trees will either be very crusty and bumpy or smooth and surfy. Closet and Shadows were a bit variable at the top but as long as you went slow you could still ride on the surface of the snow. The best tree run I took today was by far the trees to the right of Rolex. Known as Land of the Little people, this patch of trees faces north so it doesn’t get much sun and stays much colder than most of the runs. The snow was soft like mashed potatoes in there and the pitch was perfect for these kind of conditions.

You may notice that there aren’t any people in my photos today. That’s because I barely saw anyone up there this morning. Don’t let the rain in town scare you off today, the conditions up high are worth making it up for some turns. The snow should keep going until tomorrow morning so make sure to get out there and appreciate one of our last powder days. With only 13 days left in the season, there will only be so many chances to ride before the boards are put away for the season and the snow starts to melt.