Good morning from a perfect spring day in Steamboat!

A crystal clear bluebird sky and warm morning sun have this week off to a great start.  It’s that time of the year when the snow has a major transition during the day and timing of runs are determined by the position of the sun.  For early morning turns, I usually point my skis toward Sunshine Express because it gets the first rays of sun smiling down on the manicured corduroy.


The turns before 10 a.m. were pretty firm and hard to get an edge in.  It will most certainly be great skiing in a very short amount of time, but it needed a little more time in the sun before things are ready to go for the day.  While the very start of the morning might not offer up those slushy turns we love so much this time of year, that firm snow is actually a great sign.  A clear sky overnight and freezing temperatures means that our snowpack is keeping well and will offer us fun skiing until Closing Day, which is sneaking up fast.  The mountain should be in great condition after 11 a.m., when the top layer of the snow warms up perfectly to set your edges, allowing for carving turns all over the mountain.  After that initial warmup, the snow should be prime the rest of the day for fun groomers and bumps beneath a sunny Colorado sky that is smiling down on the Yampa Valley.  It is going to be a very nice day on the mountain today, and you may just want to trade your ski jacket in for a T-shirt.


With less than two weeks left in the ski season, there is only so much time left to get out and enjoy your favorite runs.  And although most of the recent Straight Talk reports have focused on spring skiing, don’t lose sight of winter fun because there is a storm headed our way at the end of this week as well as next week.  And in true Colorado fashion, we can go from skiing in T-shirts to deep powder turns in a matter of days, so don’t hang up your powder skis just yet.  For incoming weather, I like to keep my eyes on the National Weather Service as well as the Open Snow report. Both are great resources that will keep you on top of possible storms.


Pick of the mountain today is Quickdraw: It is one of the first groomers to warm up in the spring sun, and offered the most carvable conditions of the early morning.  I am confident the entire mountain will be in great shape later in the day, so get out there for those slushy spring turns!

Have a great day on the mountain.


Kevin Olsen, Alpine skier

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