It was still lightly snowing up top this morning. Anything off of Sunshine Lift was soft and playful. First Tracks were really fun even though this storm didn’t produce as we’d hoped. Overcast and light snow up top and moments of sun on the front of the mountain. Tomahawk Face had a few inches on top and was by far my favorite run of the morning. With the storm still hovering around and the sun peaking through, it was a beautiful morning to make some turns.

Don’t forget that night skiing is available Fri-Sun 5:30pm-8:30pm.

A lot of snow in the forecast but some soft turns can be had today.

  1. Heavenly Daze
  2. Top of Rudi’s Run
  3. Top of Rudi’s Run
  4. First Tracks skiers/riders getting ready at the top of Thunderhead.
  5. Sundown Express
  6. Top of Sundown
  7. High Noon
  8. Sunshine Express
  9. Two O’Clock
  10. Rendezvous Lodge
  11. Heavenly Daze
  12. Top of Skyline
  13. Night Skiing 1/17/21
  14. Night Skiing 1/17/21