After the last round of snow over the weekend, the sun poked through the clouds yesterday and graced the valley with a little warmth an some nice views of the mountain. As quickly as the sun can come out, it can go away. This morning started out with partially clear skies and decent visibility, but in an instant the mountain was socked in and visibility was low. As some snow starts to accumulate the conditions should get better and better.

While no one is expecting a foot of fresh powder on the mountain today, the light snow falling up there should create a soft layer on top of the groomed runs. I left the mountain too early to reap any of the benefits, but if you’re reading this then you are most likely going up later in the day. The best conditions on a day like this will be the lower angle terrain like the runs under Sunshine lift. The lower angle means you wont dig in as deep to the surface layer and you can avoid the crusty layer underneath.

If you are looking for some ungroomed turns today, there could be some leftovers in the trees. The conditions in the trees to the skiers right of 2 O’clock (2:30 trees) are low angle and tend to be better than the steeper trees in Shadows on low snow days. Even though the snow might be firm, these conditions can be good for learning to ride in the trees. Since you can stay on top of the snow it is easier to focus on making turns and spotting the gaps in the trees. The trees on the right side of Tomahawk are pretty open and are a great place for beginners to practice their skills. If you want to practice low angle aspens, then dip into the trees on the skiers left of upper High Noon.

It looks like we will see some sun move into the valley tomorrow before a storm moves in to end the week. The snow totals don’t look huge, but spring storms are hard to predict and sometimes they overperform. So take your time out there in the low visibility and explore the different parts of the mountains. Then if the deep snow comes later this week, you will know exactly where to find your personal powder stash.