Just as I predicted in my last blog, it’s a powder day in the ‘boat!  With 8 inches at the summit and 6 inches at mid-mountain, skiers and riders were beaming with excitement early Wednesday morning over this fresh and fluffy February powder.

Today is a powder day that will accommodate almost any skier or rider.  While the trees were fresh and deep, the trails were groomed with a few inches of fresh snow sitting on top of them.  Depending on when the snowcats groom a trail and when the snow falls, you may find more or less powder on certain slopes.  I even noticed corduroy on some trails, which means that along with the fresh snow, there is fresh grooming on the mountain as well.  This allows for the slopes to be in great condition for any skier or rider, but also allows for the trees to be piled high with fresh snow, just waiting for the more adventurous skiers and riders.

If you ask me, the trees were the place to be this morning!  I lucked out and was able to enjoy some of the first turns of the day in the Two-Thirty trees and in Closets, which made for one giant grin spread across my chilly face.  In Closets, I found open meadows full of untouched, deep and fluffy powder.  I found lines through the trees that were completely untracked.  I stopped once to take a photo, and during that time, I didn’t see another soul around.  It was magic on a powder day, or perhaps just really good luck.

Valley View was also really fun this morning as the sides of the trail were lined with untouched and surprisingly deep powder.  Usually on Valley View I think about my turns a little bit more, but this morning I was able to enjoy some fun and easy powder turns all the way down.  Towards the base, any powder stashes you may find certainly weren’t bottomless, but if you picked the right terrain, you could make powder turns from top to bottom, which is always a fun and rewarding treat.

Early this morning the visibility was great and the trees were perfectly still.  It felt like what I’ll call a “whitebird day” as heavy clouds hovered just overhead.  On my third run, another winter storm arrived, bringing a lot of snowflakes and a bit of wind, which means more snow throughout the day!

Snowboarding in the trees is where I felt the 8 inches of fresh champagne powder® from the 5 AM Snow Report.  Throughout the day, we can expect to see another 3 to 6 inches of snow, which will keep the mountain fluffy and fun.  As colder temperatures arrive tonight and into tomorrow, that snow will remain very light and in perfect condition.  Friday and Saturday will bring warmer and drier weather, which is always fun for the weekend, and we can expect to see more snow Sunday through Tuesday.

This winter, Steamboat has seen really consistent snowfall patterns, which has kept the snow fresh and fun since the start of the season.  The forecast is predicting more snow Sunday through Tuesday and then again around President’s Day weekend.  This consistent snow pattern is once again in the forecast and is certainly making this ski season one to remember.

Happy powder day in the ‘boat and happy Wednesday!

Erin Campbell, Snowboarder

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