With overnight temperatures dropping 50 degrees and bringing 7.5 inches of new snowfall (at mid-mountain), I can hear the early whispers of winter on its way. It’s that time of year when the seasons collide in only a matter of hours, creating dramatically beautiful scenery in and around Steamboat.

Snow-dressed Yarrow Thursday morning

Wednesday in Steamboat felt closer to summer than fall with a temperature of 72 degrees and sunny skies. Many locals were hitting the trails to squeeze in another ride, hike or run before the anticipated snow arrived overnight. On the contrary, Thursday morning felt closer to winter than fall with a temperature of 22 degrees and snowy skies. Many local kids (at least in our house) were running wild with excitement over the first snowfall in exactly 108 days.

Yellow aspens beautifully contrasting the October snowfall

That’s right, 108 days to be exact. The last snowfall Steamboat received was on June 23rd, warmly welcoming (as you can imagine) the much anticipated arrival of summer after an exceptionally snowy spring. Snow in the summer is not as common as snow in the fall, and usually when October arrives, there is a very good chance (almost 100%) you’ll start to see snowflakes gently decorating the colorful yellow and orange aspen leaves scattered around the mountains and throughout the valley.

Thunderhead Express amidst the autumn beauty

Speaking of brilliant aspen leaves, Steamboat Resort was in full force last weekend from the base to the top of mid-mountain. One of my favorite trails to ride is Pioneer, which boasted colorful leaves along the trail and spectacular views of a mountain dressed in vibrant fall color.

Eli Campbell enjoying Steamboat Resort via bike before the snow falls

My husband and I got to ride together, and it was one of those rides where you just keep riding and riding because it’s so beautifully enticing. Views from the base of Thunderhead Express and views from halfway up Sunshine Express were equally stunning with the abundance of yellow, orange, red and green scattered across Steamboat Resort.

Sunshine Express in the fall

As Snowtober (as I like to call it) has arrived in Steamboat, it brings with it the realization and thus excitement over the impending 2019-2020 ski season. In a little over six weeks, on Saturday, November 23rd, Steamboat Resort will be open to skiers and riders for the season.

With just over 6 weeks until ski season arrives, expect fall and winter to continually collide

But let’s not forget, Steamboat Resort is open this weekend on Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days. With fall colors still abound, it’s a great opportunity to enjoy the Steamboat Bike Park, Land Up activities, Outlaw Mountain Coaster or even a peacefully scenic chairlift ride one more time before the snow settles into the Yampa Valley.

Stunning fall color at Steamboat Resort

Temperatures will continue to drop as an overnight low of 6 degrees is expected (brrr), but warmer temperatures and sunny skies are on the way this weekend and into next week. As the seasons continue to collide in Steamboat, get out and enjoy whatever surprise Mother Nature has in store for us, because you never know, it could feel like summer, it could feel like fall or it could feel like winter in only a matter of hours.

It may feel like fall or it may feel like winter, but get and enjoy whatever Mother Nature sends our way!

Happy Thursday and Happy Steamboat Fall!

Erin Campbell, Mountain Biker, Alpine Skier & Snowboarder

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