What’s more redeeming than seeing skiers, riders and free-heelers schussing in peace and harmony? Everyone together appreciating a single mountain – 100% participation. A slopeside rally that feeds laughter and good-natured hoots and hollers. A snow-focused news cycle that takes seriously the scientific analysis of weather, and the climate change that is affecting it. Chairlift debates veering into all kinds of diverse terrain. Civil conversations held outdoors, in the clean air and in mutual awe of Mother Nature’s (and the snowmaking team’s) bounty. Boomer and millennial, urban and rural, heels free and locked down, even gnarly ski bikers – a giant collaboration of respect, communication and equitable sharing of limited resources.

That’s what ski season looks like, Snowpants Nation.

So, here’s my post-election campaign plea: Re-elect snow!

Re-elect snow button
Vintage pic, circa the 2014/15 ski season, but apropos for a message of peace, love and skiing in 2016.

And if you still need a litmus test for the level of  diversity and acceptance out there on the slopes, check out the sticker I pass each morning on my way out to ski.

Real sticker. First spied in early 2016. Worth a hearty laugh every ski day since.

Yeah, we love you too, ski bladers. (But is this still a thing? Really? )

At this juncture, everyone in Steamboat is putting our support behind the snow dance while we warm up our winter legs on the Christie Peak Express. We’re lobbying for the big guns — snow guns, at least.

A barrage of snow: the guns are fired up on Heavenly Daze.
A barrage of snow: the guns are fired up on Heavenly Daze.

We’re exercising our right to choose: skier’s left vs. skier’s right, Sitz vs. Jess’ Cutoff, strategy to win over Vogue. Hardworking mountain ops have built a solid platform for lots of smart little turns or long carving ones. This is a time to hone both S-turn perspectives, then settle in for après ski because it’s both Saturday and a holiday weekend. Your chair awaits.

Gorgeous blue skies today, and the Umbrella Bar is open for business.

Soak up the sun and views that go from the Flat Tops Wilderness to Hahn’s Peak today because Steamboat is about to get socked in. Snow is forecast for tonight, along with frosty temps, and the storm is set to hunker in for the first half of the week. Polling suggests that will mean not only fresh snow, but also fresh terrain, in days to come.


Casting my vote for snowflakes,

Jennie Lay, Telemark skier

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