Just when I started fooling myself into thinking that winter was over, I come out this morning to be greeted by snowing skies above. Tiny, crystal formed flakes covered my jacket as I road the Sundown lift and skied down the cut-through between Sundial and Tomahawk.

I stopped several times in the midst of my run to appreciate the solitude I was experiencing. Here I was, standing in the midst of a massive ski resort and yet the surrounding clouds made it feel as if I was completely alone. The hum of the lift tower and faint sound of a snow machine in the distance brought me back to earth. But there were absolutely times when I felt I was floating on skis today.

This time of year I tend to stay a bit vigilant as I glide my way around. The snow is sleek and fast but the natural hazards that are normal for spring skiing keep my mind focused. Throughout the resort today you’ll find the occasional shrub or fallen branch poking through the surface here and there. So keep your head up and eyes open. For the most part however, the main thoroughfares are in great shape. Naturally, the upper-mountain tends to hold the snow a bit tighter, so Buddy’s Run, Storm Peak Face and Sunshine Liftline are all great choices. West Side was one of my highlight trails of the day and I’d highly recommend you explore it if you have the chance.

Egress to the base area is well marked and easy enough to follow. Just above the mid-lift station of Christie Peak Express you’ll find a slight bottleneck of fellow skiers and riders. So please don’t go barreling through without respect for your fellow enthusiasts. The soft snow will most likely provide a natural slowing to your tempo but be courteous none the less.

Today marks exactly 2 more weeks of winter operations so get out there and soak up every last drop you can. Have fun and enjoy spring in the Rockies.

Happy Trails,

Dave Wittlinger, Alpine skier

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