Waking up in town I wasn’t expecting any new snow on the mountain. To my surprise, 3″ of new snow reported in the last 24 hours. Some spots near the top of the mountain certainly seem closer to 4 inches. Today might be a sleeper day because of the lack of snowfall in town.

Every run was playful and soft. It was snowing very steady off of Sunshine Express. Most of the tree runs between Tomahawk and Sunshine Lift Line filled in very nice. Light was flat so bring your lens that works best. Visibility got better the closer to the base. The views near Rendezvous Lodge were stunning with the Flat Tops being highlighted by the sun.

This is the perfect amount of snow to try new butters/tricks as it’s extremely catch-free and light.

  1. Sundown Express
  2. Tomahawk Face
  3. Black Powder
  4. Sunshine Express
  5. Tomahawk Face
  6. Tomahawk Face
  7. Rendezvous Way
  8. Rendezvous Way
  9. Lower High Noon
  10. Lower High Noon