Patience you must have, Powderhounds. Piling up it is, the snow atop Mount Werner.

It’s time to channel your inner Yoda as we roll toward the eagerly anticipated Star Wars movie release next week. As a good luck totem, I made a crafty  snowflake  to honor the little green guru.  Yoda’s force is strong; it’s snowing again.

Yesterday’s capsule of thick grey clouds has made way for what promises to be a hefty dose winter. Gleefully, the Open Snow report I read last night was all about Steamboat getting the goods — today, tonight, tomorrow and again on Monday. The dump started overnight, with a couple inches of freshies already on the ground when the ski area opened this morning, and more falling consistently from the sky right now.  All the packed powder is now tucked away under a soft, fresh blanket of snow.

Many untracked turns you will make today, Jedi skiers and riders.

New snow is piling up on Bar UE this morning.

A collective WOOT! went out as the first skiers boarded Storm Peak this morning. The 5 a.m. ski report indicated that more snow had fallen at mid-mountain, but fresh turns on Rudi’s and Norther convinced most of us that the goods were falling with greater abundance up top. Right we were.

Home alone, heading to Crow Track.

Thanks for keeping the snow cats at bay this morning. Buddy’s Run was just a field of freshies up top. Then  I veered over to make the first pair of tracks into Crow Track and down Skeeter’s (Steamboat’s newest run). There’s some moisture in the powder, but it’s easy turning and beautiful for our base. Over there on Crow Track and Skeeter’s, any effort exerted to avoid the wee intermittent tree tops was well worth the turns.  Next lap, I ventured skier’s right on Storm Peak Face for a fresh line, then zipped over for my first turns of the season on Sunset. The snow is soft, but just sticky enough that Duster is going to be a more arduous walk out for snowboarders who cruise over to High Noon or One O’Clock today.  The 2:30 trees might make it worth the trip.

More snow means more terrain will undoubtedly open soon, further spreading skiers and riders around the mountain. Until it gets really deep, continue to keep your eyes peeled for hazards.

Fresh tracks on Norther.

Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club racers have had the moon and the ski area’s twinkley lights all to themselves for the past week. Now it’s our turn. Night skiing for everyone starts tonight. Ski and ride Christie Peak under the stars (or hopefully a delightful snow storm), from 5:30-8:30 p.m. tonight and every Thursday through Monday from now through April 4. One especially sweet bonus for anyone flying into Steamboat: Free night skiing on your arrival day when you show your boarding pass at the ticket window. If you arrive on a Tuesday or Wednesday, ski for free on Thursday night.

May the Force (of a big fat snowstorm) be with you. And if you’re night skiing this evening, I wish you the snowy sensation of traveling at lightspeed in the Millennium Falcon.

Jennie Lay, Telemark skier

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