Yes folks it’s another powder day in the ‘Boat, though the powder is a little thicker today. It’s a transition day as we prep for another week of storms (hooray!!). When predictions are in feet rather than inches, we know we’re in for another fabulous ski week! Warmer weather could bring some raindrops at lower elevations today, but Joel Gratz’s forecast assures us that cooler temps and fluffier powder are on the way beginning this afternoon.

Be prepared for heavier snow today, bend your knees and stay flexible as conditions change throughout the day. It’s fun up there this morning, but a little funky and wind affected in areas.  Today is a transition day, and the next storm is imminent. Bring layers and gators for the afternoon and get up there. Winds are a blowin’ so check in before you ski for any lift closures.

Stormy Skies

Today’s snow is more cream cheese than blower. My early morning trip down Huffman’s was nice and carvy and the fresh snow on groomers is super soft. You’ll feel the wind start to howl at about chair 14 of Sundown and it’s gusty at the top, but the ride gets smoother as you go. Sunshine Lift Line to High Noon carving up the creamy snow was nice. The 2:30 trees and a little tree patch off of One ‘O Clock are skiing smooth, especially if you are able to get a fresh line. You feel the bumps a little but not the bottom today after the week’s bounty of freshies.

Freshies in the trees

After a sweet trip down Rolex – groomed with about four inches of fresh, we zipped up Elkhead and over to try the freshly blanketed White Out bumps. They were nice and smooth this morning. Storm Peak was not running as I glanced down, so I tried Flat Out to a bit of Lower Vagabond. The snow does get heavier as you ski down, but who can complain after the snow Gods have been so kind to us?

Aren’t we spoiled so far this season with storm after storm, and then some?!

Husband Eddie-O on White Out

It does seem like patterns shape the season. My Mondays have been both sleepy quiet and stormy, and I’m often greeted on my Straight Talk mornings with dark clouds and winds that promise big storms are brewing. Anticipate your ski week with tomorrow looking like it could be a fat powder day with more to come later in the week.

Lifties will be working hard today shoveling lots new snow. I had an entertaining ride up the gondola with three members of our friendly Morningside crew. They get up early and work hard to keep us up and running. In fact, I’ll bet they’d appreciate a late afternoon chocolate snack if you feel so obliged.

Friendly Morningside lifties Joe and Riley

You feel the camaraderie and community spirit all around. Last night was an amazing night playing for the first time with one of the most special orchestras I’ve been part of – our own Steamboat Springs Orchestra. In a concert at Holy Name Catholic Church, we played to a packed house in celebration of the Epiphany. I roused myself early after a late night celebrating at Harwig’s after the show with fabulous wine and delicious treats.  Musicians, patrons locals and tourists were serenaded by SSO’s visiting oboist and flutist playing double duty on guitar and a variety of flutes. Father Ernest, Maestro Ernest, Mike Lange, a very generous local benefactor. We can thank our incredibly supportive community who go above and beyond to bring fine arts to our little town.

There are a couple more free concerts tonight as part of the Music Fest. Lots to do, and the skiing today and the rest of the week is looking great.

Have fun and be safe!

Jessica Berg, Alpine skier

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