After living in Colorado for 17 years, it almost feels like a tradition to get snow on Halloween. Sure there are years where it stays dry and warm, but this year feels more like the norm. With a few weeks of dry weather in our rear view, the valley got a fresh face this morning in the form of a some new snow.

I can’t tell you how much, but there is new snow on the mountain!

Unlike a lot of other places, kids in Steamboat don’t usually trick-or-treat in the neighborhoods. Instead, the community all gets together in one place for the celebration. If you are in town, the Downtown Halloween Stroll is a great event for people of all ages. The city closes off main street so kids and parents can go from business to business to get candy and show off their costumes. For the kids, it’s a great way to get their Halloween candy and get a quick scare from all the costumes. For the adults, it’s the perfect place to meet up with friends and run into people you haven’t seen in years. Some of the businesses even set up haunted houses to create an even spookier experience.


Although there is nothing scary about fresh snow in Steamboat, the temps in the 20s tonight will surely give you the chills. The weather should be in the 30s most of the day and get colder as the sun sets, so it will be a good year to break out your cold weather costumes. After this storm passes, we should have a few sunny days to appreciate it before the next one comes through. Thankfully, this is the time of year where the snow starts to stick, and we begin to build a base for the ski season!

Happy Halloween!


Dan Tullos

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