So my kids told me to “slow your roll” yesterday. After looking up what the heck that means in my urban dictionary I realized they were telling me to relax. So I escaped with my wife this morning and took her skiing First Tracks while we left those little buggers at home. I’ll show them how dad can slow his roll… without them, Ha!

From the minute we stepped off the gondola and saw the brilliant, bright sun staring us in the face, I knew it was going to be a good morning. We were fortunate to take a run down Rolex before anyone else thought of it. The surface was groomed and smooth with a fresh layer of about 6 inches on top. What a relaxing way to make our way down as we warmed up our legs and minds.

Subsequent runs were just as good. At one point we skirted our way to the top of a short pitch between Tomahawk & Sundial. You can see it off to the right of Sunshine Lift if you’re riding up. It’s a wide open powder field that most others don’t think to ski and today was no exception. On this run, we experienced knee deep powder. So much so that my wife, a petite young thing, got stuck because it was too deep at one point to get the proper speed going. We both had a laugh about that one and I proceeded to take a few photos which I promised not to share.

After a few runs on the sunny side of the mountain, we ducked down Sunset and over to Norther. The white fluffy tops of the moguls on this run were super-forgiving and a pure delight to tackle. Even I, who has never claimed to be a pro in the bumps, felt like a hero as I dashed and pranced my way through. With almost effortless form, I splashed through the snow with excitement. It was so good we decided to take a lap on the Burgess Creek lift and do it again.

Every so often we get a pristine day like today out on the hill. A day where the sun is completely unobstructed and the fresh snow is in plenty. This is by far one of the better days I’ve experienced here in quite a few weeks so there’s no doubt I’m advocating you get out there and play. Just remember to relax, or “slow your roll” so to speak.