Today, for me, was mainly about ripping over some sweet groomed corduroy. There’s been so much powder in the last month I almost forgot how much I appreciate the sweet and supple thrill of slicing and dicing across the rippled terrain of freshly groomed snow.

With the big game on TV later this evening, I also felt compelled to get my exercise in early so as to avoid feeling guilty about gorging on hot wings and queso dip while I watch the Broncos become national champions. And since today’s snow was grippy and secure under my edges, leaning my entire weight on my downhill ski was of no concern at all. Shifting from one side to another in rapid fashion was the best way I could find to get my thighs burning and my heart pumping. I couldn’t help but act like Von Miller out there, ducking and dodging my way around any and all snow obstacles as I made my way to the quarterback (i.e. chairlift).

2016-2-7 (4)-WEB
But looking to the horizon, I couldn’t help but notice there’s another storm rolling our way. In the short time I made my way from one ski run to another, I could see a large dark cloud begin to envelope our mountain peak. There’s also a brisk breeze running uphill that’s sending a message of more fresh snow to come.

2016-2-7 (5)-WEB
The lower mountain trails seemed to be in immaculate shape today. I truly enjoyed carving deep lines across the complete width of lower Concentration. The snow seems fast in this area of the resort and worth checking out for anyone who enjoys open space with plenty of room to arc your turns.

2016-2-7 (2)-WEB
So as I made my way around our glorious trails, there was no doubt that this is Bronco country. There were Peyton Mannings in almost every direction. Needless to say that having the home team in the 50th showdown has raised the level of anticipation for today’s game throughout the entire state. But that’s even more reason to log some vert before kickoff. My advice is to get out there and enjoy our lovely snow before you concede to the comfort of your couch.

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Happy Sunday. Go Broncos. And here’s to more powder snow coming our way!
Dave Wittlinger, Alpine skier

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