Something about how the breeze trickled the branches of the aspens and evergreens that cradle our mountain left me feeling nothing but quiet calm this morning. There is a natural sense of peace out there today, and it’s hard to explain. The overnight snow seems to have softened not only our trails but also the hearts of those out there playing on them, as well.

Runs like Sunshine Lift Line and Flintlock were superbly manicured and a delight to sink my edges into. I’d say that there was about an inch or two of new snow on top of an already softened base below. The air temperatures have been warmer lately, so the snow is generally very forgiving right now. Carving large arcs in the side of just about any slope really shouldn’t be much of an effort at all.

West Side was another terrific choice this morning. This wide open, groomed black diamond is perfect for those who want to set their legs on autopilot while their minds soak in the awe-inspiring views to the south. There was a break in the clouds just over the Flat Tops in the distance, and they were reflecting a glorious pearl sheen. This visual along with a few slow, deep breaths of mountain air is sure to put the most distracted mind at ease.

Today, I think you’ll find the snow over on the Storm Peak side of the hill about the same. Grippy but smooth and malleable. There does seem to be a stiff breeze still lingering in the air, which tells me there might be some additional fluff expected to fall. The forecast calls for more snow tonight, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that it’s true.

If you’re planning to tune into the Super Sunday football games this afternoon while filling your belly with tasty snacks and treats, do yourself a favor first: Take a few runs today before game time. That way, you won’t feel as guilty about getting stuffed with nachos and cheese dip. Just one man’s opinion.

Enjoy the day. Soak in the zen!

Dave Wittlinger, Alpine skier

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