Elvis in the Gondola

Yesterday, I skied with Elvis. True story.

Lest you doubt me because you thought Elvis passed nearly four decades ago, I’ll forgive you your Suspicious Minds.  Steamboat’s skiing papparazi first sighted him having coffee at Gondola Joe’s, where more than a few fans snapped souvenir selfies with the man in the white bedazzled jumpsuit.

It only makes sense that Elvis cruises a monoboard.

His quivering lips and wiggling hips drew admirers on Rudi’s, stopped traffic at the top of Sundown Express and spurred one skier to yelp, “Elvis on a monoski! That’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!” She tucked it to catch him downslope on High Noon  for a photo, then sent him on his way proclaiming, “I love you, Elvis!”

And so he did.

Don “Mono Dono” Smith, Steamboat’s most awesome skiing Elvis (who also happens to be the night auditor at the Steamboat Grand), pointed his monoboard downhill while singing “One for the money, two for the show….” And off he shot down a freshly rolled slope under bluebird skies.

Not bad moves for an 80th birthday celebration. As the belt proclaims, “Elvis Lives.”

Enjoy the soft groomed snow and what appears to be a fresh roll all over the mountain today. Nice work last night, snow cat masters.

Elvis on a monoboard

The morning fog bank completely burned off by 9 a.m. up top. It’s clear and carvy today whether you’re hitting Westside, Storm Peak Face, Ted’s Ridge or a burner under the Sunshine lift line. My ride down Ted’s Ridge followed by a ride up Bashor and a scream down See Me was extra nice.

These January days are giving us a hint of spring – but thankfully it hasn’t been warm enough to wreak any kind of melty havoc on the snow. You still need your winter layers. And I highly recommend goggles because the skiing is fast.

She’s no Elvis, but today’s free MusicFest concert features Bri Bagwell at 1 p.m. in Gondola Square, and she promises  “real country music…what country music should strive to be.” Grab a waffle from the food cart, a beer from the yurt and kick back in an Adirondack to soak in the sun and the show. 

Better yet, put on your Blue Suede Shoes and do a snow dance for Steamboat. As Elvis says, your snow dance would be “T.C.B.” …taking care of busines.

Elvis looking at the mountain

Jennie Lay, Telemark skier

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