It’s no time for a St. Powder’s Day hangover. The party continues: We’ve got a brand new 13″ powder day in the Boat.  Drink up the freshies, folks. The snow is intoxicating and thoroughly delicious.

Repeatedly heard through the poofs of pow this morning: “Tee-hee … giggle, giggle, giggle!” “Woooo-hooooo!” and “Damn dude, that was sick!” Spring is here — a Rocky Mountain spring, that is. And a real Rocky Mountain spring means big snow with intermittent bluebird skies. We’ve piled on 28 fresh inches this week and a blue sky will reportedly bust through again this weekend.

It's still snowing, but a single sucker hole was spotted through the clouds this morning.
It’s still snowing, but a single sucker hole was spotted through the clouds this morning.

It’s a layer cake up there, with a dense cloud perched up top and just below the gondola, and great visibility in  between. I’m sure the groomers are lovely, but I didn’t explore them for you today, dear readers. This dump is deep and soft, and it plastered everything. Twister and Hurricane were both gorgeous this morning, but the sweetest shot in my Four Points laps was in between those runs, the Twistercane trees.

Extra-deep powder in between: Twistercane.
Extra-deep powder in between: Twistercane.

Thick pines that line skier’s left on Sunset are laden with days of deep snow. Be  wary of those tree wells, but enjoy the fresh tracks.

Lots of deep snow awaits in the pines by Sunset.

I’ve been ripping it up with my adorable 11-year-old niece, Laney. She’s a rockin’ little snowboarder in hot pink pants and Hawaiian flowers on her helmet.  Keeping her in my gaze, I have been duly reminded of the sheer joy and wonder that’s at the base of all these wacky snow sports. Sinking into her lines, taking the powder shots at her direction, we rambled through miles of untracked powder in the Twilight and Shadows trees, then relaxed in snow thrones when one of us took a hip-deep digger.

She never missed a bump or a log that would give her an extra shot of big air. (I continued in my well-grounded old ways to avoid all of them.)

Taking a breather and catching some snowflakes while perched in a “snow throne” on Closet.

Laney made me venture out of my habitual lines and take a fresh look at Steamboat on an especially fine powder day. We tossed some snowballs, caught snowflakes on our tongues and got after a whole lot of great turns all over the mountain. A fresh, fun view with a lot of fresh snow.

Pretty crystals cling to the frosted aspens in Shadows.

Love this snow. Love this mountain. It’s such a beautiful gift.  And ride it like you’re 11 because I guarantee that’s the most fun you will have on a powder day.

Peace and powder, peeps!

Jennie Lay, Telemark skier

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