Good morning Steamboat. My, oh, my, you sure do look pretty today!

Today is one of those days you simply cannot miss.  Beautiful deep blue skies, warm sunshine, perfect snow conditions, a fun, funky free concert and perhaps a cold beer to top it all off.  After a few weeks of solid snowfall and some pretty incredible powder days, spring has sprung, and it sure does feel nice.  I was lucky enough to take some turns with my hubby yesterday afternoon (sometimes a lost art when you have a toddler at home), and, take some turns by myself early this morning.

Morning Sun

In the past few weeks, Steamboat has seen its fair share of snow… and by snow, I mean the kind we all love, love, love… Steamboat’s infamous champagne powder®.  Earlier in February, we received some impressive snowfall totals, and while a bit heavier than we would have liked, that snow was great base-packing snow.  With that packed down and the light, fluffy, dreamy snow we’ve received the past few weeks on top, Steamboat is in absolute perfect condition for spring skiing.  Sure, the trees are a bit tracked out by today, but there is still great coverage in there if you’re looking for more of a challenge… but the real treat right now are the impeccable groomers.

White Out

Yesterday, around midday, my hubby and I took some runs off of Storm and Thunderhead.  It was much colder at the top yesterday than it is today, which meant that we were able to enjoy some fun, fast groomers (and bumps, well, my hubby at least… he was a competitive freestyle skier back in the day… I, myself, save White Out bumps for a sizeable powder day since I’m a snowboarder with a cranky knee).  The slopes maintained a really nice texture, push piles were nonexistent and the snow conditions were pretty much, well, perfect.  This morning, it’s already warmer, will only get much warmer as the day goes on, and I have a feeling you’ll get a taste of that spring skiing we all equally love.

Sunshine Lift Line

I mostly stuck to Sunshine this morning, enjoying some soft, grippy corduroy on mellow slopes that I love… Sunshine Lift Line, Flintlock and Tomahawk.  High Noon looked quite lovely as well.  Pristine, buttery corduroy, rich blue skies and stunning views of the Flat Tops all the way over to Hahn’s Peak… wow, what a morning!  Sometimes, it’s nice to just get out and cruise, focus on your stance, your edges, your line, and enjoy the beauty that surrounds.  I also enjoyed a few lower mountain runs this morning, and while nice, I would recommend letting those slopes warm up a bit while you play over on Sunshine Peak.  Lower mountain will be so much fun this afternoon, save up some energy for those slopes too!

Sunshine Snowboarder

As much as I would love to stay out and ski all day, I’m letting my hubby take his turn, and I know that he’ll thoroughly enjoy the soft, slushy spring conditions later this afternoon.  Just as locals love those spiritual, amazing, deep powder days, they too love days like today where spring takes over, the energy is abundant and a cold beer awaits.  It looks like the week ahead will present more spring conditions, and if you are lucky enough to take full advantage of what the mountain has to offer, well, good luck trying to wipe that grin off your face.

I’ll leave you today with a little bit of trivia that you might find over on Sunshine… What occurs twice in a week, once in a year but never in a month?

Have fun out there today, I know you will, it’s one of those days where fun is simply inevitable.  Happy Saturday!


Erin Campbell, snowboarder

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