Every day on the mountain is different. Sure, I’ve had more than my fair share of groomer days this year. But the weather in the mountains is complicated and it can change everything overnight. While the conditions may change for the better or worse, nothing quite beats getting to see the morning light across the valley. Even though my day only involved one run down from the gondola (I’ll get to that later), just being up there is always an invigorating way to start your morning.

I may have only done one run, but it was obvious that it’s going to be great up there. The snow was still a bit hard and there were a few icy spots, but once the sun hits, things should soften up.  Despite the fact that we have barely received any snow in the past couple of weeks, the runs are in great shape. Not only do we have more terrain open than in most years, but we got enough snow early season to build a nice base. This means that the warm weather and sun haven’t really created too many brown patches. 

Ski race

While I can’t give first hand info on the conditions of the upper mountain, I can say that the Sundown side of the mountain has been really fun this year. The dry conditions have prevented the groomers from really flattening out the runs, so there are a lot of bumps and jumps that won’t be there later in the season. A few of my favorite runs, Rolex and West Side are open now and after a little time to soften up they should be nice and grippy. I do have to warn you though. Because that side of the mountain faces south, there are a few more rocks poking through, so be careful.

Which leads me back to why my day was so short. As I was riding up the gondola enjoying the view, I glanced at my board and noticed something that shouldn’t be there. Or I noticed that a 2″ section of my base that should be there, but wasn’t. So after a gondola ride, a few minutes of watching ski racers coming down Sitz and a walk over to Edgeworks to get my board repaired, I was done. I guess that’s what I get for finally getting my board tuned before the season started.

Core shot

Dan Tullos, snowboarder

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