Sometimes doing nothing, is just the thing to do…

It has been a crazy summer. Between being busy at work, and playing hard on the weekends, it feels as though I have been going non-stop for the past three months. This past weekend, I didn’t make any formal plans, opting instead to lay low and see where the weekend would take me.

After a mellow Saturday morning at home, I received a surprise text from an old friend who had decided to make a day-trip up from Denver. Luckily my schedule was wide open, so we met up at the farmers market, then stopped in at a new restaurant called Seedz for lunch. I kicked things off with the PBJ Smoothie, which was absolutely delicious and tasted just like a PB&J sandwich. For lunch, my friend opted for the Omega salad with wild salmon, while I went with the Avocado Caprese sandwich. All of our meals were healthy, fresh and super tasty.

After lunch, we spent the rest of the afternoon walking around downtown, casually popping into the local shops along Lincoln Avenue. As afternoon drifted into evening, we decided to head north towards the Strawberry Park Hot Springs for a little Saturday soak.

Strawberry Park Hot Springs

After a quick 15 minute drive along a bumpy dirt road, we arrive at an outdoor oasis. The grounds around the hot springs are full of beautiful flowers, large trees and quaint rustic outbuildings. We walk up to the old sheepherders wagon, which serves as the hot springs’ ticket booth, and pay our $15 admission fee. After we pay, we follow the path down a series of switchbacks until we arrive at a landing overlooking the hot springs. The area is made up of a series of pools, nestled along the hillside, and surrounded by dense evergreen forest. It is beautiful, and looks like something out of a fairy tale.

We drop our bags on a nearby stone bench, kick off our shoes, and slowly sink into the hot water. There is no doubt that hot springs are therapeutic. The second I entered the water, my body instantly relaxes and any stress I may have had, just evaporates into the air like steam.

We move from pool to pool, testing out the different temperatures until we find one that is just right. We soak, we catch up, and before you know it, we have been there for two hours and the sun has already set below the horizon. At this point, we have both turned into human prunes, so we reluctantly pull ourselves out of the water and pack up our belongings.

Nature’s Light Show

As we are leaving, the sky is illuminated with large purple bolts of lightning. We enjoy nature’s light show as we make the short drive back through Strawberry Park and into downtown. It has been a fantastic day, and the unplanned adventure is just the thing I needed to unwind, relax and recharge after a couple of hectic weeks.

Emily Hines is the marketing and special events coordinator for the City of Steamboat Springs. Emily was born and raised in the Yampa Valley and attended the University of Oregon, where she received a Bachelor of Science in business administration with concentrations in marketing and sports business. In 2013, after seven years working on the East Coast for a lifestyle and sports marketing agency, she found her way back home to Steamboat. She loves the outdoors and enjoys sharing her adventures and all that Steamboat has to offer.

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