We’ve been good and patient little skiers and riders. Clearly, we know this to be true, because the snowy gifts are plentiful this Christmas morning. Fresh flakes are piled high on Storm Peak, and they’re still falling out of the sky. Thank you, Santa! Your elves did a mighty fine job whipping up back-to-back storms in the past 48 hours. And you and your reindeer delivered: 7 more inches overnight and an additional 5 inches since 5 a.m.


Enjoy a glorious white Christmas. Steamboat is sparkling today. Magic crystals hang from tree branches and diamonds glitter underfoot. Also, Christmas Day is a notoriously great time to have the mountain to yourself while Santa’s indoor bounty shreds local living rooms.

Christmas trees

We’re skiing both Sunshine and Storm peaks. The snow clouds are hanging low and visibility is limited up high. Thankfully, the terrain is soft and forgiving. And the wind is gusty enough up top to be filling in your tracks.

The gifts are many. On my first chair, I rode up with a kid who was pleased as punch that he got toothpaste under the tree as he headed for early tracks on Morningside. Two O’Clock was open and empty while most people were sticking to High Noon. And that means untracked 2:30 trees are an extra special bonus, as evidenced by hoots and hollers echoing off the aspens and the grins popping out at the bottom.

Happy happy and merry merry!

While powder hounds headed for the top, wise ones were hitting the fresh lines (and admittedly, quite a few twigs) on Ted’s Ridge, a welcome addition to the range of runs on the lower half of the mountain.

As terrain expands, take advantage of opportunities to spread out and seize some solitude. Get up early for First Tracks, or hang around late for sunset and night skiing Give your thighs a break without any lapse in your adrenaline rush, when you make a high-speed lap on the Outlaw Mountain Coaster.

It looks like we’re in for snow to continue falling all day long. This is what accumulation looks like, Steamboat! The snow is firm and wet enough to be sticking. Your tracks are building our beautiful base.

Yuletide greetings at the gondola

May your powder day bring you big smiles, festive celebrations and hours of feasting. I’m headed up for a few more turns before I return to my family, a toasty fire and the welcome task of devouring a loaf of delicious jule kage, the traditional Swedish Christmas bread that my sweet mama baked for me.

Wishing you happiness and merry-making in the mountains today!


Jennie Lay, telemark skier

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