Skiing in Steamboat, home of Champagne Powder Snow®, we tend to get a little spoiled. But I’m not afraid to admit that I enjoy these days where I can simply slice through some incredible corduroy.

With a touch of wind up top, I elected to explore our famous lower mountain trails this morning. I focused my first effort on tackling upper and lower Vagabond. With some ideal lines imprinted into the surface from our overnight snowcats, the groom on this run was pristine. And as the sun poked out over the ridge line, long shadows and warm weather surrounded the entire area.

If you find yourself on this section of the resort today and happened to think ahead enough to have brought a snack, be sure to explore the teepees you’ll find on the Vagabond saddle along with the outdoor picnic tables situated there. Kids and families love this area for a mid-day break and so will you.

Upon my subsequent ride up the Thunderhead Lift, I happened to glance over and see that Ted’s Ridge was as smooth as I’ve ever seen it. This is a groomer you certainly don’t want to miss today. The pitch of the slope combined with the suppleness of the snow made this a highlight run of my day so far.

From here I branched out into runs like Lower Concentration, which was uncluttered with fellow skiers. The feeling of having the slopes virtually to ourselves is something we experience a lot in Steamboat. But early morning today the openness of the mountain seemed exceptionally noticeable. How wonderful it is to have these incredible March skiing conditions and a massive mountain to explore.

So sharpen up those edges and do what I did today. Slice and dice some wide turns into the side of that corduroy and enjoy every minute you can of skiing in Steamboat Springs.

Happy Trails,

Dave Wittlinger, Alpine skier

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