Most of the days I ride at the resort go one of two ways: I read weather websites all week and then get up early for first tracks on a powder day or I head up whenever I have a chance for some groomers and a relaxing time on the mountain. It’s easy to forget that there is another option for riding at Steamboat. night skiing!

I was a little skeptical about the lights going up on the mountain a few years ago. My experience with night skiing had mostly been with the old-style flood lights that make it pretty tough to see and can look a bit garish from the valley below. How wrong I was. The new low-profile lights do a better job lighting up the slopes and look pretty cool from town, too.

So in lieu of riding this morning, I decided to switch it up last night and take a few runs under the lights. There isn’t much to tell you about conditions or where to go because the conditions are always fresh corduroy, and the runs are always the same. I can say that there is no better time to ride Vogue and See Me than during night skiing. They are perfectly groomed, and instead of the low-light you will get riding them first thing in the morning, you get perfectly even light all the way down.

For those of you who have never been up on the mountain at night, I made a little video to let you know what its like:

Pretty good time, right?


Dan Tullos

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