It’s a powder day in the Boat, and it’s just what we needed to refresh things on the mountain.  With almost a foot of snow at the summit in the last 48 hours, things are looking pretty good out there with plenty of fresh tracks to be found everywhere.  Spring is here, and so is the spring moisture we have been looking forward to.  The snow is soft, the weather is comfortable and it is simply a great day in Steamboat.


First tracks was surprisingly quiet today with only a handful of skiers leaving their mark on the fresh snow.  The groomers are soft again, and last nights storm put plenty of snow on the ground to make Steamboat’s famous tree skiing a blast.  We haven’t had much snow in the past few weeks, and enough moisture came with this storm to get us back to business in Steamboat refreshing everything from top to bottom.


It felt great to get back into our favorite tree runs below Sundown Express.  When there is fresh powder to be had, Closet, Shadows and Priest Creek are pretty hard to beat.  There are so many different twists, turns and options in there; not to mention the consistent fall line skiing that Steamboat is famous for.  The snow isn’t super deep today, but it was enough to bring powder smiles far and wide.  Everyone in our group agreed that it was the best powder day we have had in a long time and was much better than we anticipated.  We thought we would be able to feel the hard pack underneath the new snow, but surprisingly it wasn’t very often we found a hard bottom.  There is certainly more snow the higher you go on the mountain today, but no matter where your skis take you today, it’s going to be fresh and fun.


I usually try to check out as much of the mountain as possible on days I write this report, but we just couldn’t pull away from the Sundown area.  It has been weeks since we had good powder turns up there, and we couldn’t stop lapping our favorite runs over and over.  With so few people on the mountain today, the fresh tracks should be plentiful through last chair on all of your favorite runs.



We finished our morning out winding through the 4 Points area which also had fresh turns to be found absolutely everywhere.  Right down the middle of the run with no hunting at all we made fresh turns from top to bottom.  Where is everyone?


Pick of the mountain today is Shadows: This is my favorite area of the entire mountain and when there is fresh powder, it is simply hard to beat!  Soft powder while skiing through perfectly spaced aspens is a treat every single time.  For the deepest turns today, I suggest staying above the gondola summit elevation.


It looks like the sun is trying to come out, so it should be a beautiful afternoon on the mountain.  Grab your powder skis and get up here for some freshies!


Kevin Olsen, Alpine skier

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