Forecast shows that it’s going to snow all day! Cloud cover created some extremely flat light so grab a good lens to help highlight the imperfections in the snow. Softest turns were had on the edges of Buddy’s Run and Rainbow this morning. With Storm Peak, Bashor, Four Points, Burgess Creek, and Thunderhead Express lifts running people will be spread out. A good lap today will be Buddy’s Run to Calf Roper to Rainbow. The forecast shows snow most of the day and night so tomorrow morning will be really soft as well.

Be safe and have fun!

  1. Rudi’s Run (Skier: Garrick Otto)
  2. Rudi’s Run (Skier: Garrick Otto)
  3. Garrick at the top of Buddy’s Run
  4. Buddy’s Run (Skier: Garrick Otto)
  5. Buddy’s Run
  6. Rainbow
  7. Rainbow (Skier Garrick Otto)
  8. Rainbow (Skier: Garrick Otto)
  9. Heavenly Daze (Skier: Garrick Otto)