Summer in Steamboat is great, but we all know what this town lives for. Deep Powder and epic wintertime fun! Now that the leaves are all gone and the temps have dropped, we are on the eve of the earliest opening in the history of Steamboat. The October snow and frigid temps might have been a rude awakening to anyone hoping to bike in November, but they were perfect conditions for our talented snow making crew to get our base ready.

The base area is buzzing today with resort employees getting ready for the Christie Peak Express to open tomorrow. The lift was running this afternoon to get Winter Sports Club skiers to the race course so I joined in for a sneak peak of the conditions on Sitz and Vogue. It might not seem like there is much snow as you’re riding up the lift, but the open runs are in great shape for the early season. The mountains of snow from the guns has been smoothed out and Vogue is perfectly groomed from edge to edge.

Because the weather is so nice out right now, the conditions are going to be a little more like spring conditions than peak winter. Don’t worry though, the grooming crew will be out there right before the lifts open tomorrow so the corduroy should be perfect for carving some morning turns.

I was on the mountain around 1 pm today and the snow was a nice mix of firm corduroy up near the top of Christie to soft springy snow towards the bottom on Preview. It was the perfect type of day to set some deep carving turns on Vogue, then practice jibbing around on the shallower slopes of Preview and in Li’l Rodeo. The park crews were hard at work this afternoon getting some of the features ready for opening tomorrow.

Grooming crews getting ready for the gondola opening next week.

After a long summer, all I can say is it feels great to be back on snow. With plenty more on the way this winter, it’s great to get an early start to the year and have time to get warmed up for the deep days to come.