Opening day is a little more than a week away, are you ready? As the new season approaches, I often find myself going through a checklist of what I need to do before my first day on the slopes. Now, with the addition of two little ones my list seems to be ever growing! As an athlete, fall was my favorite time of year with the anticipation of the World Cup season starting. Now, with my competitive days behind me the thrill of the new season looks a bit different but is exciting none the less.

In hopes to help you with your preseason checklist, here’s s a quick look at mine!

This might seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how many times I’ve waited until opening day to get my pass sorted out. Only to find that I wasn’t the only one and I was missing precious moments out on the slopes. My suggestion is, head to the ticket office now and get you and your family’s passes so you are ready to rock.

This is obvious in many ways, but beyond the usual skis/snowboard, poles, boots, helmet, goggles, gloves, jacket, pants, etc., you will want to check to make sure that your bindings are adjusted and for skiers make sure the DIN is correctly set. As your kids grow, make sure their equipment is up to date and appropriately set for their size. There have been many times when I went to click into my skis and they didn’t fit because I had new boots that were slightly different, or someone else had used my skis…eh hum (cough).

This actually, is a really important part of ski/snowboard prep. Many of us don’t have the extra time to “train” for the season, but it’s imperative for injury prevention. If you are able, spend some time waking up your quads, hamstrings, back and core a few weeks prior to skiing with some squats, lunges, single leg squats, tuck jumps, planks and stretches. Finally, whether or not you’ve been training, keep in mind that the movements and muscles used skiing/snowboarding are unique and it’s important to ease into it.

Expectations can often kill our experience and enjoyment. Make sure, you remind yourself to enjoy the moment. Whether or not your schlepping your kids and all their gear, or just enjoying your solo moment on the slopes remind yourself how fortunate we are. Take a breath, it’s good to be here!


Hope to see you on the snow.