We are a society of “I NEED IT NOW!” 

Improvement in our skiing is no exception. We are all looking for a way to catch-up, keep up or just stay ahead.

The truth is skiing is an on-going evolution and just when you think you’ve arrived, you realize they didn’t groom Cyclone and you have to face those dreaded moguls. Dang!

For me, it was the old bad habits that would suddenly resurface leaving me annoyed and frustrated. (We’ve all faced those days…)

Don’t lose hope, there are easy ways to get back on track and keep things feeling good.

Here are my “CURE ALL TIPS” for your QUICK FIX:

1.) My Skis Are Sliding All Over the Place:

Either you hit the wax or you haven’t had your skis tuned in awhile. First thought, check that your edges are properly sharpened! Take them in to your favorite shop and request a good tune. It’s an easy fix.

2.) I Can’t Keep My Skis Parallel:

This is one of those skiing progression elements that drives many people mad. You are sick of the “pizza” and want to be in the “french fry” mode. I don’t blame you. First thing is to take yourself onto easy terrain. Tomahawk or High Noon is a great start. From there focus on trying to emphasize your pressure on your downhill ski. As you feel more comfortable with this concept, try to think about matching the movement in the turn with your uphill ski. Almost a mirrored sense. Remember, emphasis is on the downhill ski, but you are working both legs/skis together. Done..French Fry Baby.

3.) I Have No Idea What to do with these Ski Poles:

Ski Poles are actually your friend. They are less of a nuisance when you give them the appreciation and attention they deserve. First point, they are very key for your overall balance. Second, they are important for your timing and helping start your entire turn! So, go ahead and use them to initiate each and every turn. Plant your downhill pole and use that cue to start your turn. Plant and turn. The steeper the terrain to more important your pole plant becomes. It is key.

4.) My Toes are Cold:

Get boot heaters! No joke. Gone are they days when you have to tough out frostbite. No, it doesn’t make you less radical…Get the heaters and life will be better. I promise.

5.) Moguls Freak Me Out:

You are not alone. I often stand atop White Out with my husband, Nelson Carmichael and I cringe. Here is a former downhiller’s advice, take it one turn at a time. Look for a line in the moguls and try to link together 2 turns. There is no harm in piecing your way down the trail. As you feel more confident, link up 4 turns. Soon, you will be challenging the best of them down Voodoo.

6.) I’ve Hit a Plateau:

If you feel like you are not improving, mix things up! Try a new trail and give yourself a goal. “I want to make 20 turns without losing control”.  Try to change up your turn shapes. Challenge yourself to make tighter, quicker turns or longer, bigger turns. Use this together and you will instantly challenge your balance and technique.

Well, that’s it for now! Let me know if it works.