If there was a way to record the inner energy I felt this morning and put it on replay in my mind, I’d be one happy man. The gentle combination of smooth snow and warm sun is something I have always looked forward to this time of year. Welcome to March in Steamboat, when the days are long and the snow is terrific.

I made most of my turns today across our lower mountain trails. Runs like Vagabond and lower Concentration were groomed to perfection. My first tracks were sunk into the glossy, crystallized cover of early morning glaze. Yesterday’s warmer temperatures combined with last night’s freeze have left our mountain skiing quite fast, but things are softening quickly.

As the sun crested over the Thunderhead building at mid-mountain, lower mountain areas like Bashor Bowl seemed to open its arms and gather up the light. The lift operators at the bottom were already stripped down to their T-shirts by 9 a.m. and bumped those chairs with a smile. The smell of freshly sprayed-on sunscreen wafted as the breeze rolled through.

For those seeking something close to an Olympic experience, the Bashor Terrain Park and Mavericks halfpipe are in pristine shape. The rails and kickers you’ll find in this area are second to none and ready to test the skills of even the most experienced riders. But don’t be afraid to give them a shot. If you’re ever going to be the next Shaun White or Jamie Anderson, there’s no place better to begin your journey than Ski Town, U.S.A.®.

I’d go ahead and plan for some immaculate slush bumps and waxy snow as the mountain continues to warm today. The sun is riding high, and conditions couldn’t be better. So bank this experience as just another example of the good life, and things couldn’t be better than spending your time here in Steamboat.


Dave Wittlinger, Alpine skier

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